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EPA Guidance on Uses of CCA-Treated Wood Products

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

EPA has released the “Supplemental Guidance on Interpretation of Revised Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA) Wood Preservative Label.” This docuent clarifies allowed and not allowed uses of CCA. It also provides a reference table with the American Wood Preservers Association Commodity Standards related to CCA, with examples of some of the uses that are permitted and disallowed since the December 31, 2003, voluntary canellation date.

Recent inquiries to our office have asked about the disposal of CCA-treated wood. EPA has an excellent Fact Sheet on this topic. According to EPA, CCA-treated wood can be disposed of with regular munmicipal trash (i.e., municipal solid waste, not yard waste). Do not burn it or use it as mulch or in compost. EPA does not believe there is any reason to remove or replace CCA-treated structures, including decks or playground equipment.

The entire guidance on CCA-treated wood is provided to stakeholders, regions, consumers, public interest groups, wood treaters, and registrants with a reference tool that supplements the product labeling to better identify the specific uses of CCA-treated lumber that are permitted or disallowed. It also references enforcement and compliance strategies drafted by the Office of Enforcement and Compliance so that all affected parties will be aware of the Agency’s position regarding compliance monitoring, targeting inspections, and reporting tip and complaints.

From EPA Program Update
Published on June 18, 2004