Online Resources Relating to Herbicide Issues & Trees/Landscapes

Informal and Draft On-line Resources Relating to Herbicide Issues and Trees / Landscapes

Compiled by Eric Berg, CFSL Program Leader, Nebraska Forest Service

This list is not intended to be comprehensive or inclusive. It is a working draft document which is intended to be used as a reference and informal resource that we intended to continue to add to.  If you have ideas and recommendations on how this might be formatted, organized and if you are aware of other relevant resources and articles of interest please email recommendations or links to



Herbicide Injury:

Herbicide Injury to Trees: 

Herbicide Symptoms:

Diagnosing and Preventing Herbicide Injury to Trees:

Herbicide Injuries to Trees – Symptoms and Solutions

Using Herbicides Near Trees and Shrubs:

Managing Invasive Plants – Impacts of Chemical Methods:

Herbicide Injury in Nursery and Landscape:

Herbicide Mode of Action and Injury Symptoms:

Accidental Herbicide Damage on Vegetables:

Interpreting Herbicide Damage in the Nursery:

Could Your Trees be the Victim of Herbicide Damage:

Analyzing the Cause of Symptoms:

Understanding the Differences between Volatility and Spray Drift:

Pesticide Drift and Temperature Inversions:

Documentation for Suspected Herbicide Drift Damage:



Development of Herbicide-Tolerant Hardwoods:

Tolerance of Young Trees to Foliar Acting Herbicides:

Plant Injury from Herbicide Injury:

Herbicide Drift versus cold temperature injury:

Timing of Herbicide and Rates of Germination of Native Plants:



EPA should revoke Monsanto weed killer approval:

Dicamba decision time:

When Drift Hits Home:

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